Sure, you rely on the internet to be available for long, monstrous "baby"?

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I won't link here a nauseous attempt to support "truth" and "support to discriminated muslims". 


Let me just explain that some "GMM - Mike Aydemian" on FaceBook might look like he's looking for love spread, but instead is building up quite efficiently massive "evidence" around the fact that 1 of the first 12 victims last Jan. 7th was no French, nor Muslim, nor even policeman.

He then follows up with very agitated drifts of thought regarding freedom of speech, and unbalanced treatment of "hate incentive", depending on whom is targeted.


This is meant to be my answer:

"Holocaust is not questionable, do your maths and simply consider how many resistants, gypsies, communists, .... were also targeted and butchered. 

Episodes of defensive/aggressive ultrasionism is not questionable either. Do your research and simply find out how abused people often become abuses. Help Palestinian people get justice without having to kill Jewish people.

And before publishing such a conspirationist "demonstration", please consider Ahmed Mehrabet's friends & family feelings. Even if "you" believe in your own conscience they're not really hurt since not actually grieved :'-/  Please consider you're speaking potentially to billions of people who don't have a clue about history, or love. Please get yourself a certification for green journalism. 

See? You pretend to talk about truth, and essentially you sound like just another kind of "religious" man.

STOP ATTRACTING FURTHER HATE UPON ANY HEADS (because with your immature speech, both Muslims and Jewish people, or "look-like"... will suffer, from your careless words!

Being a billion, choosing a-thee is just the only way. Let us think a little bit about love, or we'll just have this internet shut down, poisoned children."



Clean yourself up prior to mimicking your participation, or expect us.


One last word. Should some of readers of this page pursue the dream that I'm rolling for Christ or whatever you want to call it... Better start back your alphabet. Raised a christian and intermittently tempted to use "the" Love book to the world, I firmly resist, and will fiercely oppose anyone who would dare to re-use this piece for sacrifice purposes.


I am an historian-trained, and the hell I know how Christians did to history, to brothers and sisters, and how they still manage.

I am a French citizen and I pretty well know what our free and polluted republic owes to André Malraux. One of the good thing he very discretely said was "XXIth century will be mystical or won't be" (NOT religious). If XXth century is to be religious, it won't be.


So now, educated women and abused children are fed-up with ALL forms of corrupted "language", "link" (one etymology for re-ligere), "ligature", "alienation", "legalism". Properly fed-up and ready to fight back. So please do not indulge yourself into some sectarian approach. 

I -not you "church mind". I care for my neighbour, and he's giving too.

Together, no chance to get neither one crucified nor the other locked up in chastity belts nor collective rape, so you can try and get yourself fucked up for once.

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