Privacy on Carnival month?

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Yesterday I was checking reports of Stanford Cybersecurity conference (Feb 13th) and more recent development (Feb 18th, to 24th) from big IT companies***:…/40832-facebook-still-break…

Draft sum up. 3 major IT companies (Google, Yahoo!, Facebook) declines invitation to attend Stanford cybersecurity conference including Obama speech. Apple CEO keeps on with firm denial of privacy sacrifice in the name of government security and, that's his job, points fingers in direction of silent big data companies that are making profit upon individuals' data -true, it's difficult not to be silent when you do not even attend.

Five days later, Google sends a letter to Washington committee on Criminal Rules so to oppose amendments that would transfer Congress privileges to Government and alter constitutional rights. Well that sounds great. Though it's fun they got the Guardian to title the article "Google warns" -as if they were first standing.

Now, European watchers especially seems extremely irate at Facebook's practice in terms of making the most of legal loopholes to capture European citizens' private data.
In the meanwhile, Yahoo! still says just... nothing. But its finance news is probably delighted to relay Bloomberg's article : it suggests that the main motive for Obama to pick Stanford for his speech would be either to help his daughter with admission there or get the feeling of being a Stanford student.... Err, as far as I'm aware, Stanford has had a Cyber Security Center for quite a while and it surely is a famous university, aren't they?

In brief. None of the big shunners dared explain* why they did not go and face in person NSA director Michael Rodgers and powerful people he influences...
* or else I did not find it very well broadcasted...

And today, it seems not in its ending phase*** ... 

By the way, possible "reader".
Should this inspire you in a little bit of vandalism against Wikipedia pages "Criticism of xxx" (all major IT companies), "CEO of yyy" or "Public/Politics who supports/criticize zzzz"... please have your way : I AM WATCHING.
Or renounce, now. Might be a better idea. 

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