Avis sans frais.

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now is the time to
refrain from public speaking whenever you do so under your "religious" banner.

Any deviation from this behaviour
- could cause much harm to what are supposed to be your core values,
- might cause much harm to what actually are our core values,
- will not be tolerated.

Even your Church[es] told you, illiterati: "What happens to your neighbour is happening to you"...

So what about discussing Japanese hostage killing for a change? Or porn-orientated targeting at -13y people? Or cooking falafels? Please be my guests and have a taste, just a moment.

People who do their homework (and beyond) are SICK of protecting each one of you, just to observe you are still taking ALL THE CHANCES you can to get lethal at one another.

Hence three options for you:
grew up, get fuck with agreeing adults, or get gone.

What is it that you'll have ?




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