Place de la République, ou le point Godwin d'un bien commun qui n'est souvent ni l'autre ni l'un

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This is a duplicate of my Volunteer experience as described on my LinkedIn account:

The City Council of Paris had delegated a public brainstorming about the renovation of Place de la République to representatives of citizens from 11th, 3th and 10th circonscriptions. I was happy enough, as a resident of the 11th, to contribute into fruitful discussions about the new layout and purpose of the Place, alongside with extremely experiences architects, urbanists, and other representatives of local associations..
Let me add that the current use of the Place by the "Nuit Debout" exactly fits what we agreed to allow when lobbying about the new design of the Place ;) -Some of the detachable facilities we imagined only missing due to the feebleness of some of our "elected" ones...

But recent developments are compelling me to document further, and to call for a massive awakening of the current square users and nearby residents: don't let the letter defeat the spirit, and please get rid of the abusers whose dedication not-to-commonwealth-nor-to-actual-freedom-muchless-to-siblingness. Now.


Currently, French people have eventually made themselves aware that such a rearrangement could support live social learning, mutual help and all forms of citizenship in actions. Though, we are growingly concerned by the misuse of "freedom of public speech" by a handful of uneducated or clearly fascistic infiltrators of #NuitDebout, who try and achieve choking alternative individual users, scaring observers away, and manipulating the Place as a new instrument of severing the links between Paris and the other places.
By all means, those self-labelled "watchers", "freedom of speech defenders", "general assembly organisers", "social struggles coordinators" that pre-induce "non-inclusive movement" (but fully open to bypasses for the only benefit of authoritarian, racist, homophobic groups), are indeed playing the game of the all-capitalistic and anti-liberal -in its original meaning- French governance: an alliance of the more powerful lobbies and the politicians that does not hesitate to produce every day further disempowerment of the people, unfair prosecutions, shameless propaganda, and worse, lethal abuse of "peacekeeping" methods.

Since this cannot keep on going very long without huge risks for people's commons and more seriously, for people's integrity;

This can not keep on going very long.


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